Real Estate Photography

The saying “buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll probably ever make” is probably true.

For most people, it is a dream that comes for six figures or more. I have photographed new homes under construction, home remodeling, and homes for sale. When photographing new construction, the big advantage is showing how it is put together. In the framing stage, you see through walls and ceilings, all the wiring, plumbing, heating ducts ? documentation for future repairs or remodeling. Even in the final stages when the paint goes on and the roof is nailed down, it is history to pass on when selling the house. Photographing the remodeled house, the before and after photos from the same place and camera angle, is helpful for home insurance purposes, and for selling the home.

When a realtor contacts me to photograph a home, I use natural sunlight during the best time of day to showcase its style and characteristics. The photography tells a visual story of the home that gets potential buyers excited enough to call the realtor.