Stock Photos

I photograph for a wide variety of clients which is great. I am also my own client. I photograph for myself as much as I can. Photographing that elusive photo I know is there, it becomes part of my stock photography library. It’s a person, place or thing, a noun that has become a photograph. A stock photograph is important in several ways ? explore different lighting, lens, angles, colors and composition ? each creating a different story. Then the story is ready to sell.

Photographing a rainstorm ? in a rainstorm ? with the blue-black clouds opening up a hole to an orange glow presents a strong graphic image. The challenge is the reward. The heavy morning fog is another winner for creating graphic visual stories. Fog turns our world of color into a monochromic place with very little detail, but gives what’s photographed, a very mysterious visual story.

Whether one of my stock photographs is in an ad, a calendar or book, or framed on a wall, it tells a story.