Winery and Vineyard Photography

From bud break to harvest, a vineyard is a galaxy of energy, fueled by Mother Nature. During the winter months into the early spring, these plants change from appearing dead, to a reborn plant that’s full of life.

Some grape varietals do this for over fifty years. It’s amazing what they produce from sunshine, water and good soil during their lifespan. All of this goes into the making of beautiful photography that records the vines’ story ? growing grapes that creates a great wine.

For a well known winery, I photographed the same Cabernet Sauvignon vine throughout the entire growing season ? from the exact same camera angle and lens. From the bud breaks into leaves; then the very small flowers which become small grapes; which become large grapes that turn color; then ripen in the fall for harvest. It was amazing to watch this very large Cab not move, but to produce incredible tasting wine. It tells its own story with every glass. The other story comes from the vineyard with its thousands of plants growing millions of grapes, maybe even billions.

In photographing the vineyard in late sunrise, it gives the feeling of being in a vast green ocean that meets a bigger blue sky. At sunset, everything turns a warm red-orange, even the clouds.

There’s so much to photograph, I gotta come back tomorrow.