Richard Baker Photography

Richard Baker began his career in photography without a camera. Winning art contests throughout his years in school led him to a formal career in the Arts. After graduating from the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, Richard became an Art Director for a national advertising agency.

As Senior Art Director for Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove Advertising in Houston, Texas, and Young & Rubicon Advertising in San Francisco, California, Richard created award-winning ads for Gulf Oil, Heublein Foods, Sony, Chevron, Sun Maid Raisins, and many other large corporations.

Through the creative process, Richard often took an idea; sketched a rough layout for ad or a story board for an advertising campaign. That?s where the camera came in. He learned techniques and styles from some of the world?s top studio and on-location photographers; later incorporating those skills with a fascination with images to create his own ?signature? storytelling style.

Today, Richard Baker Photography brings his experience and expertise to all types of businesses, particularly the wine industry, scenic locations, portraiture, and community events.

His vast portfolio of stock photography, available for websites, social media and other marketing purposes, includes location shots, vineyards, festivals and events, and all types of people and businesses.

Richard brings his whole heart into every photograph. He loves his work and it shows. Let?s tell your story together and share it with the world.

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Richard Baker of Richard Baker Photography